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Virtual Bright Language Preparation Test


Whether you are planning to study at a Canadian educational institution where English is the language of instruction or are looking for a quick and reliable way to find out your level of English (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, or CEFRL), the Bright Language Test is an excellent option for proving that you have the necessary language skills.

The Bright test is becoming a popular proficiency marker accepted by some CEGEPs and universities in Quebec and Canada.

The virtual Bright Language Test Preparation course offered at the YMCA provides students with a good command of the vocabulary, grammar, syntax and listening strategies needed to achieve the desired score in speaking (listening comprehension) and writing covered in the 120 questions of the Bright test. The virtual course offers 40 hours of preparatory classes for the Bright test, including access to 12 practical tests provided by Nathan & Bright Language Solution - also included in the price.

Students are invited at the end of the course to take the official Bright Language test and get their score on the spot!