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Preparing for Tests


Nothing is better than a TOEFL (English), BRIGHT Language (English), TFI (French), TCFQ (French), TEFAQ (French), DELE (Spanish) or SIELE (Spanish) certification to officially establish your language proficiency, specifically internationally recognized language evaluation tests required by several educational institutions in Canada upon registration.

Since the International Language School is the official centre where the tests are administered to the public, not only can you take the test, but you can also take classes for weeks or even months in preparation for your evaluation to maximize your chances of success.

The virtual Bright Language Test Preparation course offered at the YMCA provides students with a good command of the vocabulary, grammar, syntax and listening strategies needed to achieve the desired score in speaking (listening comprehension) and writing covered in the 120 questions of the Bright test. The virtual course offers 40 hours of preparatory classes for the Bright test, including access to 12 practical tests provided by Nathan & Bright Language Solution – also included in the price.