Courses for international students



The YMCA Language School has a team of dedicated foreign student advisors to assist international students outside of Canada and agents to plan and prepare for in-person courses and services.

Reasons you may need a Foreign Student Advisor:

  1. Are you outside of Montreal and interested in enrolling in our in-person courses eventually, or starting in our virtual program as you prepare to join in-person classes?
  2. Are you an international student requiring a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for your study permit?
  3. Do you require additional services such as:
    1. Medical Insurance
    2. Accommodations in Montreal
    3. Assistance paying for multiple sessions
    4. Assistance with arriving safely in Montreal with Covid and quarantine regulations
  1. Are you an agent or a student enrolling with the assistance of an agent or a company?
  1. ¿Necesita asistencia adicional en español?  Você precisa de assistência adicional em português