English: Conversation & grammar

English: Conversation & Grammar

The conversation and grammar program consists of 8 structured levels. Students will progressively learn grammatical concepts and sentence structure in order to improve their English conversation skills in more advanced levels.

Proof of age is required upon registration.

Priority registration: for students who have attended classes during the previous session.

General registration: for new students.

New students are required to take our level placement test, without exception. Students who are enrolled in Language Camp sessions and want to register for the Fall session (September), are required to take our level placement test before registering.

Saturday Course | Levels: Introduction to Advanced 2

Dates 2019:

  • January 12 to March 30 (Priority registration from November 16, 2018. General registration from December 3, 2018.)
  • April 6 to June 22 (Priority registration from March 1. General registration from March 11.)
  • September 7 to November 30 (Priority registration from July 2. General registration from August 5.)
Days: Saturday
Hours: 1:15pm - 4:30pm
Duration: 12-week session (39 hours)
Number of Hours: 3h15m/week in class
  $ 369 Materials not included.
Please register by phone or at our offices.