Mini-conversation (1x week)

Mini-conversation (1x week)

This 14-hour course is ideal for students who are looking primarily to practice conversation under an instructor’s supervision. This course is offered once a week and can be a useful complement to a grammar and conversation course.

Evening Course

We offer 3 levels, once a week:

  • Intermediate 1 & 2A (Requirement: Beginners 2)
  • Intermediate 2B & 3 (Requirement: Intermediate 2A)
  • Advanced (Requirement: Intermediate 3)

Please specify the level and preferred schedule when you register.

Days: Intermediate 1 & 2A - Tuesday only
Intermediate 2B & 3 - Tuesday or Thursday
Advanced - Tuesday or Thursday
Hours: 6pm to 8pm
Duration: 7-week session
Number of Hours: 2 hours/week in classroom (14 hours)
Requirements: Beginners 2, Intermediate 2A or Intermediate 3
  $ 180 Materials not included.
* The prices indicated are for the current year and are only valid for 2019.