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Transportation: Getting around Montreal
Food in Montreal and dining out
YMCA students speak of Montreal

Culture and Languages

Montreal is a very safe, vibrant and exciting city. Our city is very well-known for being multicultural and bilingual, thus allowing you to learn either English or French. Or why not considering learning both languages? You can find cinemas, newspapers, TV channels or radio stations in each language.

Montréal’s multiculturalism can be experienced through the art, architecture, languages, food, festivals, parks and many activities in Montreal. Here is an interesting video about our main neighbourhoods. Take a look at our tourism office website and click on the link to see the video Montreal in two minutes

Montreal has its own casino and hosts many free or affordable festivals and cultural events all year long: The most popular ones are the International Jazz Festival, the FrancoFolies, the Beer festival, Igloofest, the Formula 1 Grand Prix (car racing event), the World Film Festival, Sheakespeare-in-the-Park, the Fashion and Design Festival, the Just for Laughs Festival and much, much more including numerous outdoor concerts and the presentations of the newest Cirque du Soleil shows. Take a look at the official calendar of events at

Montréal is also a city of museums. 

Montréal is a green city with many parks where you can easily have a picnic on the grass, take a walk, go jogging, or even go bike riding. During the winter season, these parks transform into ideal spots for cross-country skiing, ice skating, etc. 

Montreal is also very well located for travelling to other nearby interesting cities, such as Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Québec City, New York and Boston.

Transportation: Getting around Montreal

Montreal is a very accessible city on foot, by bicycle, on public transportation, or in a car.

The school is located in the heart of downtown Montreal, more precisely in front of Peel Metro Station (Stanley Street exit). You can buy a monthly public transportation pass in any Metro Station of the city. The monthly pass gives you an unlimited access to the Metro and Montreal city buses. Visit for all the Metro and bus routes as well as their schedules.

Montreal has developed a reputation of being a city where residents put ecology as a priority in their lives. In fact, one third of Montreal households do not have a car at all. Public transportation is, therefore, very important for Montrealers.

Montrealers also use bicycles as a public transportation, since there are many bike paths throughout the city. Through the Bixi system (, you can easily have a bicycle accessible for you anywhere in the city. There are many Bixi stations close to our school, so why not try something different? It is also quite common to see people rollerblading, skateboarding or simply walking by.

Food in Montreal and dining out

Montrealers benefit from the cultural diversity of its residents by having products available from all around the world. You can find specialized stores and very interesting products in many supermarkets around the city, local corner stores and at the Atwater or Jean-Talon markets. You can also find restaurants from all cultures and for all budgets. You can search some of our many restaurants here:

YMCA students speak of Montreal

Students from the Creative Speak course have developed several interesting and fun resources. Here is a very useful website created by our students as a class project: On this website, you can find information about our school, Montreal, cultural activities, and much more.

Useful Montreal maps

Please refer to our FAQ section in order to read more about Montreal’s weather, currency, cell phone use, and much more.