Our rates for 2016
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Other types of accommodation
Accommodation refund policy
Accommodation with host family or in residence

Our school offers different types of accommodation, including homestays with a English- or French-speaking Canadian host family and a student residence.

Host family

Living with a host family will help you become more familiar with Canadian and Québec culture and allow you practice the language you are studying. Host families generally live no more than 45 minutes from our school.

Using a form that has been completed by the student, we will select a host family that best meets the student’s preferences. A family profile is then sent to the student prior to departure, so that the student can, if he or she wishes, exchange e-mails with the family before his or her arrival.

How to register

Complete our registration form.


“The reception at the YMCA and the choice of my homestay couldn't be better. Staying with this family - Isabel and Terry - was truly a gift because of the affection and respect I felt. The support I received made me appreciate the experience even more, going beyond the limits of a homestay: I felt as though I was an old friend.” Flávio, from Brazil

Our rates for 2016:

ADULT – Non-refundable placement fee of $200

 Four weeks (28 nights)
Breakfast only670 $
Two meals/day (breakfast + supper)856 $
3 meals/day

Contact us for more information.

All rates in Canadian dollars.

MINOR* – Non-refundable placement fee of $200

* The minimum age of a minor unaccompanied by a parent or tutor is 14.

 Four weeks (28 nights)
Letter for legal responsibility$ 175
Legal responsibility$ 84
Breakfast only


2 meals/day (breakfast + supper)

$ 856

3 meals/day

$ 952

All rates in Canadian dollars

Additional services:

Transportation (Montreal airport– accommodation): one-way (to downtown Montreal) $100/return (to Montreal airport) $55
Medical Insurance: $1.95/day

Other types of accommodation

The YMCA also offers accommodation at the student residence and in shared apartments. The cost and availability vary depending on the time of year. Please contact us for more information.

Accommodation refund policy

Each student must provide us with a letter to obtain a refund.

Accommodation with host family or in residence

  1. Cancellation of accommodation more than two weeks before arrival
    Students receive a full refund of all prepaid accommodation fees, minus the $200 accommodation registration fee.
  2. Cancellation of accommodation less than two weeks before arrival
    Students receive a refund of all prepaid accommodation fees, minus the $200 registration fee and minus the fees equivalent to two weeks of his or her chosen accommodation.
  3. Cancellation after start date of accommodation
    No refund for the first four weeks. A refund may be issued for the remaining period of accommodation (i.e. weeks subsequent to the first four) if the student makes a request in writing four weeks in advance.